"A Little Documentary"
about The Paddle Boat


Andrew Jackson Jihad
"I Am So Mad At You" (1:44)
"Una Mas Cerveza Por Favor" (2:17)
"Dylan Cook's Theme Song" (2:13)
"A Song Dedicated
To The Memory of Stormy The Rabbit" (2:58)
"Who Would Jesus Fuck Up?" (2:44)
"scenesters" (2:08)


Black Mamba
"The Autumn People" (4:02)
"White Woods" (2:58)
"Holiday" (3:14)


Cuckoo Chaos
"Jamb Song" (4:38)
"My Eyes (through Don Cheney)" (2:42)
"Me And Ewe" (2:55)



"Mercenary Days" (4:39)

The Paddle Boat
"A Little Time" (2:11)
"A Little Time" - Kathy Acker version (2:11)