Max - Post Ceremony Photos -- May 26, 2007 -- University of Redlands
2 YouTube videos and a shitload of photos!

Don and Jo present Max

Max presents Morgan

Morgan & Max Max & Daniel Max & Daniel II
Cheneys chillin' Jeff, Cathy, Max, Janet Family
Tony, Jesse, Max, Morgan, Greg Max & Nick... ...see something in the distance
Aaron & Max Aaron, Wendy, Rabbit
L & M Leigh & Max L & M
John, Judy, Jennie Now: John, Jennie, Judy Now: John, Jennie, Max, Judy
Max & Judy Max Leigh
Jennie, Max, Michael Listening to "Six toes" Schumacher Mark & Anne
The Wendy & Rabbit scowl Scowl II Rabbit Family
Don confused Close up confusion Anne & Mark
Paul, Max (glowing), Jennie Post-glow Max, Jesse, Jennie
Wendy and Leigh... running with the devil! Wendy's Garth impersonation
Ordering at the Thai House
Waiting to order at the Thai House
How many beers can I order at once? Oh. Max
Don incredulous at one-beer-at-a-time rule. While Paul adjusts admirably. I don't know how you do it, Paul.
Jennie and Max
post graduation euphoria.
Mark and and John