Hawai'i 2004

First Day:     Airport, Hilo, Puna

Second Day:     Hike to Kehena Beach     Dinner -- Pahoa     Night

Third Day:     Warm Pools

Fourth Day:     shopping trip to Hilo

Fifth Day:     Seaview -- morning     Wai'opae Ponds     Home -- Evening

What We're Reading

Sixth Day:     Wai'opae Ponds     Kimberly's House     Godmother's

Seventh Day:     Home

Ninth Day:     Morning     Kehena Beach     Luquin's Restaurant     Geckos!

Tenth Day:     Punalu'u     Shaka     On The Road     The Art Farm     The Manago Hotel

Eleventh Day:     The Manago     Two Step     Mr. Bell's     Coffee     On The Porch     Ahman & Bright Star

Twelfth Day:     Ning's

Thirteenth Day:     Morning     Steam Vents     Evening

Underwater Camera Photos:     from Isaac Hale Warm & Wai'opae Ponds

Underwater Photos 2:     from Two Step

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